Benefits of a 1 Week Group Fitness Bootcamp Workout

Are you tired of the same old gym routine? If so, then join your nearest Brighton fitness boot camp today to learn more about a refreshingly new approach to fitness training. Outdoor group personal fitness training in Brighton are so called because they resemble military style fitness training sessions in terms of intensity and discipline. While at a boot camp, expect to perform a medley of workouts like squats, lunges, burpees, jumping jacks, crunches, push-ups and so on in a group. Such camps are typically held outdoors; providing you with the added benefit of fresh air and natural sunlight.

Brighton fitness group personal training is usually held over a period of one to two months. Each session lasts for about forty five minutes to one hour. However, if you are in a hurry to reach a particular fitness level or if you just want to try out the modus operandi of boot camps, you can join for a one week plan. Even that one week can be enormously beneficial to you in innumerable ways.

outdoor group personal fitness training in Brighton

Effective Workouts
Group training will push you beyond your normal endurance level. They combine different categories of exercises like aerobic training, anaerobic training and flexibility training to create a killer workout. At the end of your session, you can expect to be completely exhausted and drained of your last drop of energy. However, this intensity is what makes Brighton fitness boot camp so effective! Another reason behind the success of fitness boot camps is the combination of various exercises that stimulate muscle growth and boost your energy levels so effectively.

Natural Ambience
The best thing about outdoor group training is that they are conducted outdoors. This can be your neighbourhood park or the nearest beach. That is why Brighton fitness boot camp are refreshingly different from your usual gyms or fitness studios. While at a boot camp, enjoy the cool fresh air and natural sunlight that is so good for your bones. You will also learn how to use the natural terrain, tree branches and surrounding objects like benches and park fences as resistance while performing your exercises.

Disciplined Regimen
At a boot camp, you won’t find a typical military sergeant type trainer barking orders and instilling fear in you. However, this does not mean that the discipline and dedication aspect of the training has been compromised with too. No! As far as order and obedience is concerned, your trainer will demand hundred percent from you in return for his absolute involvement. No excuses for absence or tardiness will be entertained. You will be encouraged to try again each time you fail but laziness will not be tolerated.

Stimulating Training Programme
Brighton fitness group training offers no occasion for boredom. There is seldom a free moment as you go through rapidly paced consecutive movements with little interval in-between. It is an intense training module that will test your endurance to the limit. And all this supplemented by an amazing social atmosphere that teaches you the values of healthy competition, camaraderie and cooperation. In short, one week at a boot camp will increase your self-confident and make you aware of your responsibilities in a group environment.

The most wonderful thing about attending a short fitness training program is the knowledge you gain for life. At the end of the week, you will be fully equipped with the right kind of knowledge to follow your own fitness programme any time you want to.

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A Fitness Trainer Sydney Can Change Your Life

Fitness Training is your best bet if you truly want to transform your life by combining regular exercise, healthy diet and a better lifestyle. This is because remaining healthy is not only about half an hour of regular workouts. Rather it should be a holistic attempt at improving your life through comprehensive workout programmes, guided approach to fitness, de-stressing programmes and nutritional inputs. This is exactly what a fitness trainer offers throughout its entire tenure. At the end of your fitness training schedule, you will definitely emerge a stronger person; both in mind and body.
It’s Time to Pamper Yourself!
How long has it been since you did something purely for your own benefit and pleasure? When was the last time you spent some time outdoors, inhaling the exhilarating fresh air? Most of the time you remain engrossed in family or professional matters that take place within the claustrophobic environs of four walls.
Over time you become overweight, stressed out and anxious. You indulge in unhealthy lifestyle to infuse a sense of superficial happiness into your otherwise monotonous yet hectic routine. It’s now time to change all that! Enrol at a fitness trainer Sydney today to discover a healthier, sustainable and effective lifestyle that will change the way you view yourself.

Fitness Trainer

TRX session with our Fitness Trainer in Sydney

There are several ways in which fitness trainers can make a significant difference to your fitness, health and the way you view exercising.
Refresh yourself in a Few Weeks
Fitness trainers are the ideal place to head for if you are looking for a short term weight loss programme to reduce weight and rejuvenate yourself. This is because boot camps are held outdoors and incorporate different exercises that sculpt and shape your entire body. Apart from exercises, boot camps also include exciting games, de-stressing sessions, dietary advice, nutritional inputs and much more. By the time your session is over, you will emerge a completely different person who is confident of facing life with self-assurance and fortitude.
Gain Confidence
Fitness trainers in Sydney are held in groups where like-minded people share a common goal. The atmosphere of bonhomie and camaraderie is interspersed with challenging games that stimulate you to put in your best. As you regularly pit yourself against others, you gain in confidence and mental fortitude. Boot camps really teach you much more than how to exercise correctly. They train you to cope with life in a better and more positive manner.
Learn how to Stay Happy
A fitness trainer in Sydney can be your perfect cure if you are currently going through a disturbing phase in your life. Being held outdoors, boot camps offer you the best opportunity to interact with nature. Regular contact with nature alleviates your mood, keeps you fresh, helps to fight depression and infuses you with refreshing oxygen. Boot camps also offer meditation and yoga sessions through which you can realise the best of your potential and connect with your inner soul. Such techniques enhance your inner strength that can help you overcome life’s stress and challenges in a calm and composed manner.
Gain Knowledge
Transforming your life is a protracted process and you need the right kind of guidance and advice to steer you towards the right direction. The knowledge you gain at a Sydney fitness trainer is invaluable in this regard. It stays with you throughout your life and helps you to stay healthy and happy.

If you need some help to set up your goals, visit to book a consultation with one of our fitness trainers.

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Personal Trainer in Gold Coast Shares Five Benefits of Personal Training

Personal Trainer in Gold Coast Shares Five Benefits of Personal Training

A Gold Coast personal trainer either works in small groups or provides individualized training. The latter is of course very expensive, but hiring experienced, educated, accredited and certified personal fitness trainers has its numerous benefits.

Assessment and Evaluation before Goal Setting

A personal trainer in Gold Coast won’t make you exercise blindly without first assessing your physical condition and fitness level in a professional manner. If he or she is happy with your physical evaluation, he or she will design a specific and customized, tailor made exercise program for you, keeping your unique needs in mind.

You will have a target goal as well as a starting point. Your fitness objectives may be modified or altered along the course of your exercise journey. This assessment and evaluation before setting a customized goal is highly necessary for preventing injuries and maximizing results.


The job of a certified personal trainer in Gold Coast is not just to guide and instruct you, but also to teach you the correct methods of exercising. Too many fitness enthusiasts end up with exercise related injuries as they have no proper knowledge of handling complex equipment and props.

Nor do they know basic tips for reducing the chances of injuries such as warming up for five to ten minutes before launching into a full-fledged, rigorous exercise routine.

Dangerously Fit personal trainer in Gold Coast will teach you how to exercise correctly, what to do and what not to do while working out, how to use different equipment and props in the correct fashion and how to execute the more challenging drills. Advanced students will also learn from their personal trainer how to progress to the next level of workout.

Versatility of Workout Location

One of the greatest advantages of personal training in Gold Coast is perhaps the versatility of the location where you can work out. If you want, your personal fitness coach will train you in a well-equipped gym. Or you can choose to work out in a private studio.

Dangerously Fit

Dangerously Fit personal training in Gold Coast lets you workout anywhere at your convenience.

If you can afford it, your personal fitness instructor will come to your home to impart fitness training at a time which is most convenient for you. This allows you to maintain your privacy if you don’t like being stared at in a public gym.

Specific Needs

Many people hire personal trainers in Gold Coast when they have specific needs. It is mostly people suffering from asthma, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular problems, osteoporosis, arthritis or sports injuries who rely on the expertise of personal fitness coaches to stretch and strengthen their injured muscles or to lose weight.

Even women who are recovering from child birth, C-section or people recovering from surgeries hire personal trainers for improving their mobility, flexibility, strength and to tone their flabby muscles.


Personal training in Gold Coast also ensures that there is plenty of variety and innovation in the exercise routines. Fitness instructors are specialists in making your exercise regimen more interesting. This helps keep boredom and monotony at bay and motivates participants to stick to their exercise routine.

Bootcamps are still the most fun, exciting and fulfilling workout program that you can get into. Sign up with us and enjoy the great outdoors with our personal trainers while working off those calories for good. Check us out at

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Gold Coast Bootcamps vs Gold Coast Personal Trainers

Are you looking to set a few pounds in a way that is healthy and motivational? When you can do just that with Gold Coast boot camps. Gold Coast bootcamps give you the opportunity to lose weight, get into shape and gain muscle in a team environment. This is much better than simply choosing a personal trainer, because you were able to bond with people and might just forge friendships to last a lifetime. You will be able to work with like minded people and can be more motivated to push yourself, knowing that you have someone right next to you counting on your success.

Gold Coast bootcamps are pedal to the metal, with trainers that are credible and able to provide motivation and intensity anyway that is still safe. This way, you do not have to worry about whether or not you will be taken care of. The benefit of boot camps is that you can have someone pushing you in a way that you never thought possible. In many situations, people simply work out on their own and go at their own pace. This is fine, but it does not give you the ability to step outside of your comfort zone the way that these boot camps do. At Gold Coast bootcamps, you will be driven out of your comfort zone, which will, in turn, push your capability. You won’t have to worry about trying your hardest, because the trainers will see to it that you get the full benefits of the program by stretching your boundaries.

See Amazing Results When You Sign-up at Gold Coast Bootcamps

You will get an intense full body workout that can help you meet any type of fitness goals imaginable. Whether you are overweight and want to trim down or want to put on some solid muscle, these boot camps can provide that and more. You can rest assured that every trainer at these camps are able to provide you with the experience you need, while also teaching you some skills and information that will go a long way toward helping you with your personal workout goals once the boot camp concludes.

So what are you waiting for? If that priority, make sure that you reach out to Gold Coast boot camps in order to put the stuff into shape. You will have the best team available to you, in addition to nutritional regimen that will help you out and teach you which closed he was to stay away from. Those pounds will come right off and the muscle will build up with every single day every single workout. So if you are looking to challenge yourself in ways that you never before thought were possible, make sure that you sign up for Gold Coast bootcamps. These workouts will push you beyond your mental limits and teach you a lot about yourself. You are made of a lot more than you think, you just need these trainers to bring it out of you! When you sign up for bootcamp, you will see amazing results.

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Tips To Motivate Yourself When You Don’t Feel Like Exercising

Its time to put on that exercise gear and get into action! Most people tell themselves this daily and yet find themselves slumbering back into bed and calling it off till tomorrow. Well that tomorrow never comes! So how do you motivate yourself to get up off that bed and onto a treadmill??

Mind over Matter

The first step to get up and exercise is to make up your mind to do it. Don’t think whether you should or should not; just know that you have to and get up and do it. Once your mind is made up nothing can stop you. Also think of how you would feel if you didn’t exercise? That’s right – disappointed, weak and under confident. These factors are enough to get you on the move and make you feel good about yourself!

Create a role model

Think of that model or actress with the perfect body and motivate yourself to be like her. This is a great way to remind yourself what you’re working towards and to keep you on the right path. Pick someone who has healthy eating and exercise habits and who is dedicated to staying fit.

Start Small

Set goals and create a fitness regime that can be easily accomplished. If you create a strenuous exercise regime that is difficult to handle everyday, it will be easier to give up. Start with a simple workout schedule and once you master this you can set out to achieve larger goals.

Buddy Up!

Having a partner in crime always provides you the extra motivation no matter what you’re doing. The best way to ensure you stay on track and follow your workout regime is to find someone to do it with you. This not only makes it more enjoyable and fun but also means that someone will keep an eye on you and provide you the added encouragement and motivation to keep you exercising. And you can do the same for them as well! So go ahead find a workout partner now!

Variety is the Key

Doing the same exercises everyday can soon become boring and repetitive and would lead to a decline in enthusiasm. Make your workouts more fun by mixing up various exercises and alternating between different activities like swimming, aerobics, dancing and more! With something different to do every day, you will find yourself more inclined towards staying fit.

Think of the benefits


Often you might feel like giving up halfway through your exercise regime but make sure you re-motivate yourself by mentally making a note of all the physical and psychological benefits. You can even write it down and pin it on your fridge or wall to keep you going! Tell yourself that by doing this you are not only staying fit but also increasing your heart and lung functions, improving your complexion, getting a better and more relaxed sleep and increasing your own confidence. These will surely make you mentally strong enough to stay firm on the right path.

Don’t Give up

If you find that you haven’t exercised in days and weeks and feel de-motivated, just relax take a deep breath and get back on that horse! No need to think of how long it’s been since you last jogged around the park; just put on those shoes and get running. Once you start you will gain momentum again. Till then keep telling yourself that exercising is a fun way to give you the body you have always wanted. Do two jumping jacks immediately to give you the motivation to start and set your heart rate going which would make you feel that exercise is a good idea!           

Treat Yourself

Once you begin exercising again the best way to keep going is to reward yourself when you accomplish all your goals. For instance if you haven’t missed your workout regime the entire week treat yourself to a movie you’ve been dying to watch. Rewarding yourself for small achievements will surely make you want to keep at it and follow your routine daily.

Therefore don’t think it is impossible to get that body you have always wanted. Keep yourself going with these simple techniques and you will surely see a new fit self in no time! Remember to be flexible in your methods and enjoy yourself while getting in shape. Follow a fun and innovative exercise schedule daily and you surely will have the body you desire.


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10 Tips for Healthy Weight Loss

When you are seeking to lose weight, the first thing that you must keep in mind is your health. Many people forget to pay attention to their health or healthy ways to lose weight. This eventually results in several health problems in the long run. When you want to lose weight, learn to prioritise between your aim and your health, and then work on methods thereafter to lose the extra kilos.

Watch what you eat

Healthy weight loss begins with eating the right foods. Make a food plan or diet plan that includes all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and pulses. This will help you maintain your health while you lose weight. During your weight loss endeavour, avoid eating junk food, fried food and desserts.

weight loss

Give yourself time

Give your body some time to show results. Do not expect results within just a few days or weeks of starting your weight loss routine. A healthy, nutritious diet combined with a regular exercise routine will certainly help your body lose the extra kilos. But patience is important. When you start getting impatient, you will unconsciously do more harm to your body than good.

Keep a day in the week free from your diet

When you are striving to lose weight, you will usually stop eating junk foods, will exercise regularly, drink plenty of juices and follow other healthy habits. However, like your mind, your body too needs a break from the routine.

So, during your weight loss program reserve a day in the week and call it your break day. Eat what you have missed out on during the week, do not exercise and just generally relax on that day.

During the remaining 6 days of the week though, you must strictly adhere to your weight loss routine. This will help you create a balance for yourself.

Keep a food diary

Food is the basic component that can help you lose or gain weight faster. Keep a diary and jot down details of all that you eat during the day. This written record will act as a reference later to help you plan balanced meals that do not interfere with your aim to lose weight.

It will also help to take note of the calorie intake for each food item you eat. That way, you can calculate your total calorie intake at the end of the day. And then, based on how much you exercise the next day, you can even calculate and note down the calories you have lost.

Take expert advice from a nutritionist

A nutritionist will be able to provide appropriate guidance on what to eat and what food items to avoid. Taking professional help will help you maintain a proper, healthy balanced diet that helps you lose weight quickly. Furthermore, your nutritionist will be able to share tips and advice on how to keep the weight off.

Focus on regular exercise and physical activity

Most people tend to follow diet plans when they want to lose weight. However, the key to healthy weight loss is a regular exercise routine. But somehow people feel that it is easier to eat less and diet in order to lose weight rather than to take the time out to exercise.

Remember that when you want to lose weight the healthy way, a balanced combination of both is required.

Begin the journey with small steps

When you decide that you want to lose weight, take it one step at a time. Do not rush into a strenuous exercise regime or diet. Your body needs time to adjust to what you want after all. Start by going for regular 20 minute walks or jogs every day. Increase the time duration or intensity after a few days, say a fortnight.

Monitor your health

When you are following a strict exercise or diet regime to lose weight, you need to pay attention to your health. Monitor you health regularly, get checkups done daily. For instance, your blood sugar should not drop suddenly because you are eating only certain kinds of foods. This will cause more problems in the future.

Stay positive

When you are trying to lose weight it is important to keep your mind and spirit positive. Do not feel let down when your body seems to be taking time to lose weight. Motivate yourself; tell yourself that you will achieve your goal soon. This will help you stay on the right track and stay focused too.

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Some of the Right Fruits To Take To Stay Healthy

Are you one of those who still doesn’t see the awesome importance of fruits to helping you stay healthy? If yes, keep reading. You will learn a lot about the importance of fruits to staying healthy.

You see, fruits are loaded with amazing nutrients and disease-fighting properties. Fruits can give you a healthy living. They can boost your immunity level and can give you longer-lasting energy. A fruit contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and dietary fiber, which decreases cholesterol and fats from the body.

Have you heard about Guyabano? This fruit contains a various medicinal properties that promote the body of its nutritional requirements, ease mild discomforts and even terminal illnesses. Its healing tonic is not limited to its fruit alone but equally beneficial are the other parts of the tree.

Guyabano fruits are high in carbohydrates, it also contains important amount of vitamin B1, B6, vitamin E, vitamin B2, vitamin C, potassium and dietary fiber. In addition, Guyabano contains an antimicrobial source that is effective against internal parasites and worm.  Guyabano is anti-diarrhea, anti-diabetes; it also helps to prevent UTI and most importantly, Guyabano is an anti-cancer. Yes, Guyabano fruit is claimed to be an immense potential as cancer killer!

Papaya fruit is a great source of vitamin A and C. It also contains high dietary fiber, iron, calcium, folate, thiamine and niacin.

Papaya has an enzyme called papain that can cure digestion disorder, prevents swelling and it lowers cholesterol. In addition, Papaya helps to prevent atherosclerosis, heart attacks, diabetic heart disease and strokes.

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Important Facts about Autism That Most People Don’t Know

There are 5 different disorders that make up the autism spectrum disorders, also called PDDs, or pervasive developmental disorders (PDDs). The first is classic autism or autistic disorder; the second is Asperger’s syndrome; the third, pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS); the fourth is Rett syndrome; and the fifth, childhood disintegrative disorder.

These latter two are considered the worst of the five, are to a great extent rarer, and generally come with a much worse prognosis for the sufferer. In fact, patients diagnosed with these last two of the autism spectrum disorder are rarely expected to live for very long or even make it to adulthood.

Asperger’s syndrome may well be the most favorable of the above diagnoses because its symptoms are generally milder and tend to allow the patient to communicate somewhat better with people in their immediate environments, even though they generally still suffer notably from restrictive and repetitive behavioral disturbances.

It is often referred to as a form of high functioning autism, and as the sufferer grows, they are often able to live by themselves with minimal supervision; many times they are even able to take up and keep careers, albeit careers centered around their usually savant-type abilities. Most children with autism or a related disorder show some but not all symptoms of the disorder.

It goes without saying that it is absolutely vital for a loved one to get their patient friend or family a thorough evaluation with a psychologist or physician in order to get a clear diagnosis of what they suffer from so that the appropriate treatment plan can be devised and put into action.

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How To Take Care Of Your Health

It is important to stay healthy. No matter how rich one is, if they are not healthy – their money is as good as useless. That’s why the popular saying goes – health is wealth. Our responsibility to ourselves is to make sure that our body is always fit in order for us to obtain every day’s challenge.

Your health reflects everything you do. When you are physically fit, you can be productive especially in decision making. You can also create a positive result in your daily chores or work.  Here are my few tips for you to stay healthy:

Eat Healthy Food. Eating healthy food improves your body functions; it can strengthen your immune system and maintain a healthy weight. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables can help you to avoid from any diseases, moreover, fruits and vegetables can also relieves stress and it can provide the energy that your body required.

In order to sustain a healthy diet, you must follow the good dietary guidelines; you should base your food from USDA Food Pyramid. Everyday our body requires a lot of nutrients. Protein, Carbohydrates, Vitamin A, E, K, C, B1, B2, Iron and so much more. Hence, it is brilliant thought to follow the food pyramid to get all the nutrients you need.

Drink Plenty of Water. Our body needs water, drinking enough of water is the best treatment for colds and dry cough. It helps to reload your energy. Water helps rid the body waste and can help relieve constipation. If you have less intake of water, your body fluids will be losing out of balance.


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Importance of Vegetables to Staying Healthy

It’s no longer news that vegetables help us stay healthy. Different researches have proven that and lots of people have seen great results from that. That’s no wonder we have vegetarians who get so much rewards from vegetables that they have decided not to eat meat at all. But all that, it’s still amazing that there are still many people who don’t take enough vegetables, to help them stay healthy. If you are one of such people, this article should show you more advantages of vegetables to your healthy wellbeing.

Green leafy vegetable contains iron, calcium, vitamin K, C, E and many of the b vitamins. This vegetables group is consist of spinach, collards, watercress, kale and radicchio. Because of its water-soluble antioxidant content, these vegetables are one of the best choices for cancer-prevention.

Studies have shown that eating a lot of green leafy vegetables may extensively lessens the risk of breast, stomach and skin cancer. These antioxidants may also decrease the risk of heart failure, eyes problems such as cataracts and macticular degeneration in the eye.

Stalk and buds vegetables has a natural sources of vitamin C, Calcium and potassium. This group is consisting of asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower and celery. These vegetables provide dietary fiber that can also lessen the risk of cancer, as many people have opined.

Seed and Pods have an excellent source of vitamin B, zinc, potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron. The vegetables in this category are legumes, green peas, snap beans and lima beans. This vegetable increases your immune system and it also helps to make your bone stronger.

Fruit vegetables such as pepper, tomatoes and squash consist of Vitamin A and E. These vegetables are classified as fruit vegetables because they contain seeds. Fruit vegetables can make your eyes healthy and your skin at the same time.

So, what are you waiting for before you start including vegetables as part of your daily diet regimen to staying healthy at all times?

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